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Accelerating electrification

Our goal is to accelerate the energy transition for off-highway machines by ensuring you get the most out of the electric version of your machine. Electric vehicles are the future, but there are roadblocks on the path to get there. Unitial helps to remove these roadblocks and decrease time and cost to go electric.

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Electrification insights

A hurdle is that electrification projects are expensive in the off-highway segment. Understanding how the diesel machine is used in different situations allows better decision making on the components of an electric version of this machine. This allows you to make the right choices on the components, avoiding unnecessary cost and ensuring the electric machine will get the job done.

Electrification insights

Driveline configuration

Another challenge in many electrification projects is the integration of the many components that are required. As this is a new market, it may be difficult to see the woods for the trees. Unitial’s expertise can deliver value to you on this aspect as well by helping you to select the right components.

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Driveline configuration

Engineering and integration support

Integrating the electrical drivetrain components into a machine is seen as one of the largest challenges towards successful electrification. With our expertise, we can support the integration phase to speed up the process and avoid costly delays.

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Integration support
Fleet Management Services

Robust charging planning

The energy carried by the machine battery is limited, and recharging takes a significant amount of time. Often the available net capacity at the site complicates charging strategy as not all machines can be charged at the same time. Unitial can provide real-time insight into the actual status of your electric off-highway machines for a better planning process, and allowing more time to focus on your core activities.

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Founded for a cleaner future

Unitial is founded with the goal to accelerate the energy transition in off-highway vehicles. For the past 10 years we have been applying the skills required to address the various roadblocks slowing down electrification in this field.

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